How All This Started

Surrounded by the desolate Texas landscape and with little to do, Austin and his college dropout sister, Abeline, sneak out to the abandoned airstrip every chance they get to practice pitching and to play their own version of baseball, using a ball, glove, and a tire swing. In an effort to make Austin the greatest pitcher of all time, Abeline pushes him to the point of exhaustion. In total submission and...  Read More

Indian Creek Chronicles

“The wardens climbed into their truck, ready to leave. ‘You’ll need about seven cords of firewood. Concentrate on that. You’ll have to get it all in before the snow grounds your truck.’ “Though I didn’t want to ask, it seemed important. ‘What’s a cord?’” So begins Pete Fromm’s seven winter months alone in a tent in the Selway-Bitterroot wilderness guarding salmon eggs. After...  Read More

Night Swimming

After setting aside his ambitions to stay home and care for his failing mother, a young man becomes a janitor so he can follow her into a nursing home, all the while attempting to uncover a secret and wonderful past for her.  An FAA investigator has spent his career listening to black-box tapes¾”eavesdropping on what become their very last words on earth”¾yet finds himself struggling to...  Read More

Dry Rain

In this memorable collection of stories, Pete Fromm reconfirms his reputation as one of the West’s most intriguing and talented young writers. Dry Rain looks at ordinary people in extraordinary situations: the good son who dutifully entertains his visiting parents, all the while at pains to obscure that his wife has just left him; a family outing that turns into terror as a child disappears into a...  Read More

Blood Knot

With Blood Knot, award-winning author Pete Fromm confirms his place as one of the outstanding literary talents mining the natural world. In this powerful collection, he lures startling drama from seemingly still surfaces with ten of his finest fishing stories: a wedding in the ice-cold rush of a Wyoming river symbolizes the promise and fear of marriage, a young “hood” shows his true colors when...  Read More

The Tall Uncut

Pete Fromm writes about the American West, of hunting and fishing, of long car trips through open landscape, of men and women who feel more than they know how to say. In “Rabbits” we meet a young, abused boy who refuses his father’s order to kill a rabbit: in “Bean Time” Fromm gives us an intimate look into both a wife’s and her cheating husband’s thoughts about...  Read More

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