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Seattle Times

“There is wisdom and tenacity and sass in this book. There is such candor and such sadness. There is so much love.  Sooner or later, the reader will realize that the story of Dalt and Maddy has a great deal in common with his or her own life.”

Publishers Weekly

“Remarkable.  Closely observed and heartbreakingly realistic, Maddy and Dalt’s story feels true from the first page to the last.”

Big Sky Journal

“The brilliance of this novel shines through in the depiction of the love and struggle that exists between Dalton and Maddy and eventually their two children as we see it through Maddy’s baffled and infuriated and grateful-but-not-happy-about-it eyes.”

Shelf Awareness

“If Not for This is, at its core, a story about gravity.  It asks unnerving questions about mortality and resilience, and answers them with the example of one couple’s devotion.”

Library Journal

“Fromm, four-time winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Literary Award, offers a stringent, emotionally astute work told in vivid, punchy, yet conversational prose.”


“A stunning book not just about living with MS but also about love and nature and who we are deep down to our very souls.”

Missoula Independent

“A deeply intimate portrait of a heartless illness colliding with a big love.”

Lively Times

“Fromm, who has always had a knack for plumbing the interior lives of eccentric characters, places readers in the head and heart of a funny, brave woman as she navigates this terrifying run down a brutal river. It’s a story imbued with such honesty, courage and kindness – the qualities that turn ordinary people into heroes.”

Fiction Writers Review

“This ‘fairy tale with a tragedy’ will make you want to stretch your muscles and feel their pull, to breathe in great gulps of air, and to love with the same kind of tenacious determination.”

Bellingham Herald

“This funny, blunt and heartbreaking book, is a love story that shoots the rapids of life.”



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