The Tall Uncut

Pete Fromm writes about the American West, of hunting and fishing, of long car trips through open landscape, of men and women who feel more than they know how to say. In “Rabbits” we meet a young, abused boy who refuses his father’s order to kill a rabbit: in “Bean Time” Fromm gives us an intimate look into both a wife’s and her cheating husband’s thoughts about the ended affair; in “Shooting Stars” a young couple crossing the Crow Indian Reservation at night, in winter, in a failing automobile, come to terms with the changes brought by their infant child; and we share a first date between an agonizingly shy man and recently divorced newcomer to town in “The Date.” Fromm’s talent for bringing his characters to life is so great the reader feels like a fly on the wall, watching real lives. Whether his characters are driving across the country to an elopement, fishing away troubles on a grand lake, or partying it up during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, they are all battling emotions that are real and recognizable to us all.

“Combining the problems, uncertainties, and turns of ordinary relationships with a wilderness setting, Fromm almost seems to be engendering a new genre-and the stories have a freshness for it.” — The Small Press Book Review

“Painfully honest emotions offer a welcome change from the formulaic descriptions of anomie that characterize much contemporary fiction.” — Los Angeles Times

“You can argue that the soul of the American life is preserved in the quiet recesses of the American short story. Pete Fromm has emerged as a brilliant practitioner of that important art, one of the keepers of the flame.” — Gray’s Sporting Journal

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