Night Swimming

After setting aside his ambitions to stay home and care for his failing mother, a young man becomes a janitor so he can follow her into a nursing home, all the while attempting to uncover a secret and wonderful past for her.  An FAA investigator has spent his career listening to black-box tapes¾”eavesdropping on what become their very last words on earth”¾yet finds himself struggling to discover the first clue about his own son’s life.

A teenage girl attempts to make sense of her mother’s relationship with her oft-absent father in order to find the loyalties that will hold them all together, even as she approaches the age of leaving herself. These are among the earnest, unpretentious characters and quietly compelling situations in the thirteen stories of NIGHT SWIMMING, winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, “Book of the Year” Award.

“Pete Fromm not only knows his people, he loves and respects them. Night Swimming is a joy to read.” — Chris Offutt

“I read Pete Fromm with growing admiration for the vigor of his well-made writing and for his generous heart. Night Swimming finds him at the center of the urgent, affecting world he has made his own.” — Thomas McGuane

“Pete Fromm is one of America’s best-kept literary secrets: a superbly skillful stylist and such a masterful storyteller for a writer so young, it hardly seems fair to the rest of us… book is boundless, it’s not only wonderful writing, but it’s supremely entertaining to read.” — Thom Jones

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