As Cool As I Am

Fromm returns to the heart of Montana, a land of windswept wheat and nuclear missile silos, to introduce the unforgettable Lucy Diamond. Racing at breakneck pace toward adulthood, Lucy finds herself caught between the urgency and dread of leaving behind her tomboy ways. Guarding her radiant heart with razor-edged wit and a toughness little more than skin deep, she watches as her mother, still young and unabashedly sexy, clings to her own dream of a youth she feels she missed. In a relationship steeped with tension and love, simultaneously embracing and resisting their similarities, the Diamond girls are torn by their vulnerabilities and bound by their deep need for each other. Their crackling dialogue, both laugh aloud funny and unerringly true, is charged with Lucy’s incisive humor and inimitable grit as she emerges into the womanhood only she can forge for herself. This is one of five books of Fromm’s to win the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, “Book of the Year” Award.

“Pete Fromm writes with such quiet power, such honest authority, that by the end of this novel I felt I had experienced something inevitable, a true and absolutely rare something like an eclipse.”— Mark Spragg, author of Where Rivers Change Direction

“As Cool As I Am is a story so rich and deep and real that it lingers like a memory long after the last page is turned. Pete Fromm has an amazing gift for creating characters we think we know.”— Judy Blunt, author of Breaking Clean.

“Spirited and sharply intelligent. All the characters come alive, their stiletto tongues alternately wounding and caressing.” — Publisher’s Weekly

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