IF NOT FOR THIS Book Trailer

Matt Clark, at StraightEIGHT Films, the director of the short film DRY RAIN, just produced this beautiful trailer. To view full screen, click any of the following; If Not For This “Trailer” from Matthew J. Clark on...  Read More

Where to find Pete’s books

Given the bookselling world in its current state, go INDEPENDENT every chance you can. Find an independent bookseller near you at IndieBound.org Or go to one of my favorite locals.  These are all great stores, with great booksellers, who actually know books. They’ll see you...  Read More


Returning to the untamed rivers of the West, IF NOT FOR THIS, is a stunning novel of love and the wild places it takes us. After meeting at a boatman’s bash on the Snake River, river runners Maddy and Dalt embark on a lifelong love affair. They marry on the banks of the Buffalo Fork, sure they’ll live there the rest of their days. Forced by the economics of tourism to leave Wyoming, they start a new...  Read More

As Cool As I Am

Fromm returns to the heart of Montana, a land of windswept wheat and nuclear missile silos, to introduce the unforgettable Lucy Diamond. Racing at breakneck pace toward adulthood, Lucy finds herself caught between the urgency and dread of leaving behind her tomboy ways. Guarding her radiant heart with razor-edged wit and a toughness little more than skin deep, she watches as her mother, still young and...  Read More

How All This Started

Surrounded by the desolate Texas landscape and with little to do, Austin and his college dropout sister, Abeline, sneak out to the abandoned airstrip every chance they get to practice pitching and to play their own version of baseball, using a ball, glove, and a tire swing. In an effort to make Austin the greatest pitcher of all time, Abeline pushes him to the point of exhaustion. In total submission and...  Read More

Indian Creek Chronicles

“The wardens climbed into their truck, ready to leave. ‘You’ll need about seven cords of firewood. Concentrate on that. You’ll have to get it all in before the snow grounds your truck.’ “Though I didn’t want to ask, it seemed important. ‘What’s a cord?’” So begins Pete Fromm’s seven winter months alone in a tent in the Selway-Bitterroot wilderness guarding salmon eggs. After...  Read More

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